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학술지 Effects of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields and Ionizing Radiation on Amyloid Precursor Protein Processing and Cell Death
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윤경희, 최소정, 최형도, 김남, 전상봉, 임경민, 이해준, 이윤실
Journal of Electromagnetic Engineering and Science, v.20 no.4, pp.307-319
한국전자파학회 (KIEES)
The growing concerns regarding the adverse biological effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMFs), which are generated by common electronic devices, on the human brain led us to investigate their impact on Alzheimer's disease (AD). We aimed to establish the effects of RF-EMF on the expression of molecular markers associated with amyloid precursor protein (APP), cell death, and clonogenic survival in HT22 and APP-overexpressing 7w-PSML cells. We compared the effects of RF-EMF at a high specific absorption rate (SAR) level with the neuronal-cell-death-inducing effects of ionizing radiation (IR). RF-EMF exposure (8 W/kg SAR) promoted the protein expression of ADAM10 (慣-secretase) in the HT22 cells (p < 0.05) and downregulated the APP mRNA level in the 7w-PSML cells (p < 0.01). In contrast, IR (10 Gy) significantly reduced the APP and a disintegrin and metalloproteinase 10 (ADAM10) levels without altering their respective mRNA levels in these cells. Interestingly, IR exposure significantly upregulated BACE1 (棺-secretase) at both the protein and mRNA levels, suggesting adverse effects in AD. IR induced cell death and reduced clonogenic survival in both cell lines. Although RF-EMF (high SAR level) influenced APP processing, it did not induce any deleterious change in either cell line. Thus, further studies are necessary to clarify the influence of RF-EMF on AD.
Amyloid Protein Precursor Processing, Cell Death, Ionizing Radiation, RF-EMF
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Adverse effects, Alzheimer's Disease(AD), Amyloid precursor protein(APP), Cell death, Cell line, EMF exposure, Electromagnetic Field, Ionizing radiation(IR), Molecular markers, Protein expression, RF-EMFs
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