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학술지 Experimental Investigations on Upstream Transmission Performances in Future-proof THz-band Indoor Network Based on Photonics
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문상록, 김언상, 성민규, 김준영, 이준기, 조승현
Optical Fiber Technology, v.65, pp.1-6
21ZH1100, 연결의 한계를 극복하는 초연결 입체통신 기술 연구, 박승근
The upstream transmission performance was experimentally investigated to consider the practical deployment of a photonics-based terahertz (THz)-band indoor network. An experimental setup was established using several off-the-shelf THz and optical components, to evaluate the technical feasibility of the uplink. Two commercialized THz mixers were used to build the THz wireless link, and a cost-effective 10 GHz-class directly modulated distributed feedback-laser diode (DFB-LD) was employed as an optical modulator to configure the optical link for a THz-band indoor network. The power penalty by the bandwidth-limited optical components was approximately 4 dB at 10?닋4 bit error rate (BER) when the data rate of the uplink was fixed at 30 Gb/s. It is worth noting that the interplay between the frequency chirp of the directly modulated DFB-LD and chromatic dispersion in the optical fiber significantly affects the BER. Owing to this interplay, the measured BER is seriously degraded at 30 Gb/s from 1.38 × 10?닋5 (without transmission) to 9.27 × 10?닋5 (10 km transmission), which is located in the error-floor region, however it still satisfies within 7% forward error correction (FEC) threshold (3.8 × 10?닋3). Subsequently, the BER curves over the wireless THz link were also measured. As a result, 30 Gb/s transmission over one m wireless and 10 km single-mode optical fiber distance was successfully demonstrated.
Optical communication, THz communication
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10 Ghz, Bit Error Rate(And BER), Chromatic dispersion(CD), Directly modulated, Distributed feedback, Error-floor region, Forward error correction(FEC), Indoor network, Laser diode(LD), Off-the-shelf, Single-mode optical fiber
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