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학술지 Enhanced Interfacial Reaction of Silicon Carbide Fillers onto the Metal Substrate in Carbon Nanotube Paste for Reliable Field Electron Emitters
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고은솔, 김재우, 이정웅, 안유정, 정진우, 강준태, 박소라, 윤기남, 김성준, 김성희, 연지환, 송윤호
Nanotechnology, v.32 no.19, pp.1-8
Institute of Physics (IOP)
21HB2500, 초고밀도 ICT 제품 검사용 디지털 마이크로포커스 엑스선 튜브 개발과 이를 이용한 고생산성의 인라인 검사 장비 선도 개발, 송윤호
Adhesion of carbon nanotube (CNT) onto a cathode substrate is very crucial for field electron emitters that are operating under high electric fields. As a supporting precursor of CNT field emitters, we adopted silicon carbide (SiC) nano-particle fillers with Ni particles and then enhanced interfacial reactions onto Kovar-alloy substrates through the optimized wet pulverization process of SiC aggregates for reliable field electron emitters. As-purchased SiC aggregates were efficiently pulverized from 20 to less than 1 micro-meter in a median value (D50). CNT pastes for field emitters were distinctively formulated by a mixing process of the pulverized SiC aggregates and pre-dispersed CNTs. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy studies showed that the optimally pulverized SiC-CNT paste-emitter had a stronger Si 2p3/2 signal in the Ni2Si phase than the as-purchased one. The Si 2p3/2 signal would represent interfacial reaction of the SiC nano-particle onto Ni from the CNT paste and the Kovar substrate, forming the supporting layer for CNT emitters. The optimal paste-emitter even in a vacuum-sealed tube exhibited a highly reliable field emission current with a high current density of 100 mA cm?닋2 for over 50 h along with good reproducibility. The enhanced interfacial reaction of SiC filler onto the metal substrates could lead to highly reliable field electron emitters for vacuum electronic devices.
Carbon nanotube (CNT), CNT paste-emitter, Field electron emission, Interfacial reaction, Pulverization, Silicon carbide (SiC) filler
KSP 제안 키워드
Alloy substrates, CNT paste, Carbon nano-tube(CNT), Cathode substrate, Field electron emitters, High electric field, Interfacial reaction, Mixing process, Nano-particle, Ni particles, Si 2p