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학술지 차세대 IPTV 서비스를 위한 보안 프레임워크 설계
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이승민, 나재훈, 서동일
정보보호학회논문지, v.20 no.6, pp.33-42
한국정보보호학회 (KIISC)
10MR2400, 유무선 환경의 개방형 IPTV(IPTV 2.0) 기술개발, 류원
With the emergence of increasingly complex networks and diverse user terminals, demand for the next generation IPTV service is rapidly growing. It enables any content to seamlessly be reused on the diverse terminals as well as be broadcasted in real-time through the complex networks. In this paper, a novel security framework is proposed for the real-time and reusable IPTV services. The proposed framework is advantageous over the conventional content protection techniques in easily producing the scalable content with lightweight, perceptual, transcodable, and adjustable security features. It does not only ensure end-to-end security over the entire service range based on a single security mechanism, but also can control a level of security while dynamically transcoding the original content. This approach basically performs selective encryption during and after the compression using scalable video coding. The suitability of the proposed approach is demonstrated through experiments with a practical service scenario. Therefore, it is expected that security technology alone could practically contribute to creating new business opportunities for IPTV services.
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Complex Networks(CN), Content protection, End to End(E2E), IPTV services, Real-Time, Scalable Video Coding, Security Framework, Selective encryption, User terminals, end-to-end security, security features