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학술지 Critically Coupled Fabry-Perot Cavity with High Signal Contrast for Refractive Index Sensing
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박경철, 박광욱
Scientific Reports, v.11, pp.1-10
Nature Research
21HH5900, [전문연구실/통합과제] 광 클라우드 네트워킹 핵심기술 개발 , 이준기
Perfect absorption at a resonance wavelength and extremely low absorption at the wavelength range of off-resonance in a one-port optical cavity is required for refractive index (RI) sensing with high signal contrast. Here, we propose and analyze an absorption-enhanced Fabry?밣erot (MAFP) cavity based on a critical coupling condition in a near-infrared wavelength range. For a one-port cavity, a thick bottom Au is used as a mirror and an absorber. To achieve the critical coupling condition, a top dielectric metasurface is employed and tailored to balance the radiation coupling and the absorption coupling rates, and the one-port cavity is theoretically analyzed using temporal coupled-mode theory. We investigate two types of MAFP structures for gas and liquid. The gas MAFP cavity shows a sensitivity of ~ 1388혻nm/RIU and a full-width at half-maximum of less than 0.7혻nm. This MAFP cavity resolves the RI change of 5 × 10?닋4 with a reflectance signal margin of 50% and achieves a signal contrast of ~ 100%. The liquid MAFP cavity shows a sensitivity of ~ 996혻nm/RIU when RI of liquid changes from 1.30 to 1.38. With tailoring the period of the metasurface maintaining its thickness, a signal contrast of ~ 100% is achieved for each specific RI range.
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Fabry-Perot cavity, Full-width at half-maximum(FWHM), High signal, Near-Infrared(NIR), Off-resonance, Refractive index sensing, critical coupling, dielectric metasurface, infrared wavelength, optical cavity, perfect absorption
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