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학술지 A Simple Printed Cross-Dipole Antenna with Modified Feeding Structure and Dual-Layer Printed Reflector for Direction Finding Systems
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Kyei Anim, 박봉혁, 이희동, 장승현, 공선우, 정영배
Sensors, v.21 no.17, pp.1-12
In this paper, a simple printed cross-dipole (PCD) antenna to achieve a right-hand circular polarization (RHCP) at the L/S-band for direction finding (DF) systems is presented. The radiating part of the antenna consists of two printed dipoles that interlock with each other and are mounted orthogonally on a dual-layer printed reflector. To connect the feedlines of the dipole elements to the antenna's feed network, which is located on the backside of the reflector, a through-hole signal via (THSV) is employed as the signal interconnection instead of the mainstream approach of using coaxial bead conductor. This feeding technique provides a degree of freedom to control the impedance of the signal path between the feedlines and the feed network in the numerical simulation for improved matching conditions. The proposed THSV extending through the dual-layer printed reflector is more reliable, durable, and mechanically robust to stabilize the matching conditions of the fabricated antenna in contrast to the coaxial-based approach that is more susceptible to impedance mismatch due to solder fatigue. Thus, the proposed PCD antenna offers advantages of broadband, flexible impedance matching, and fabrication ease. The antenna exhibits an impedance bandwidth (IBW) of 59% (1.59??2.93 GHz), a 3-dB axial ratio bandwidth (ARBW) of 57% (1.5??2.7 GHz), and a peak of 7.5 dB within the operating frequency band.
Coaxial bead, Cross-dipole antenna, Direction finding, Dual-layer reflector, Right-hand circular polarization, Through-hole signal via
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Based Approach, Degrees of freedom(DOF), Direction finding (df), Dual layer, Feed network, Feeding structure, Impedance mismatch, Numerical simulations, Operating frequency, S-Band, axial ratio bandwidth
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