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학술대회 A CMOS Centric 77GHz Automotive Radar Architecture
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김천수, 박필재, 김동영, 박경환, 박민, 조문규, 이승준, 김정근, 어윤성, 박준홍, 백동현, 오준택, 홍성철, 유현규
Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFIC) Symposium 2012, pp.131-134
12ID1100, 고집적 CMOS Multi-Radar Sensor 기반 차량 안전시스템 개발, 김천수
A CMOS centric phase array radar architecture is proposed for long range detection with a high angular resolution and short range with a large field of view at once. And one channel transceiver is implemented in a 65nm CMOS technology and patch array antenna also fabricated on LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic) substrate for small form factor, low power radar. Measured 77GHz I/Q receiver showed a 22dB conversion gain with dynamic gain range of 76dB. Two kinds of VCO showed 69.6~81GHz and 75.2~79.2GHz tuning range. A gain of 14.3 dB and P1 dB of 10dBm is obtained at transformer coupled two-stage cascade power amplifier. All the measured results showed a good agreement with simulated one up to 110 GHz by modeling of passive/active test devices and EM (Electro Magnetic) simulations, and showed a the promising candidate for automotive radar applications. © 2012 IEEE.
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110 GHz, 65nm CMOS technology, Conversion gain, Dynamic gain, Electro Magnetic(EM), Field of view(FOV), Long-range, Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic(LTCC), Low temperature(LT), Low-Power, Radar Architecture