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학술지 Novel Hybrid Content Synchronization Scheme for Augmented Broadcasting Services
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김순철, 최범석, 정영호, 홍진우, 김규헌
ETRI Journal, v.36 no.5, pp.791-798
한국전자통신연구원 (ETRI)
As a new hybrid broadcasting service, augmented broadcasting shows enhanced broadcasting content on a large TV screen, while augmented reality (AR) on a mobile device augments additional graphical content onto an input image from the device's own camera to provide useful and convenient information for users. A one-sided broadcasting service using AR has already been attempted in virtual advertisements during sport broadcasts. However, because its augmentation is preprocessed before the video image is transmitted, the viewer at home may have no influence on this formation; and no interaction for the user is possible unless the viewer has a direct connection to the content provider. Augmented broadcasting technology enables viewers to watch mixed broadcasting content only when they want such service and to watch original broadcasting content when they do not. To realize an augmented broadcasting service, the most important issue is to resolve the hybrid content synchronization over heterogeneous broadcast and broadband networks. This paper proposes a novel hybrid content synchronization scheme for an augmented broadcasting service and presents its implementation and results in a terrestrial DTV environment.
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Augmented reality(AR), Broadband networks, Broadcasting contents, Content provider, Content synchronization, Direct connection, Hybrid broadcasting service, Mobile devices, One-sided, Synchronization scheme, augmented broadcasting