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학술대회 Large Area Organic Light Emitting Diodes with Multilayered Graphene Anodes
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문제현, 황주현, 최홍규, 김택용, 최성율, 주철웅, 한준한, 신진욱, 이봉준, 조두희, 허진우, 박승구, 조남성, 추혜용, 이정익
Organic Light Emitting Materials and Devices XVI (SPIE 8476), pp.1-5
12ZB1100, 융?복합부품 핵심기술 연구, 남은수
In this work, we demonstrate fully uniform blue fluorescence graphene anode OLEDs, which have an emission area of 10×7 mm2. Catalytically grown multilayered graphene films have been used as the anode material. In order to compensate the current drop, which is due to the graphene's electrical resistance, we have furnished metal bus lines on the support. Processing and optical issues involved in graphene anode OLED fabrications are presented. The fabricated OLEDs with graphene anode showed comparable performances to that of ITO anode OLEDs. Our works shows that metal bus furnished graphene anode can be extended into large area OLED lighting applications in which flexibility and transparency is required. © 2012 SPIE.
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7 mm, Electrical Resistance, OLED lighting, Organic light-emitting diodes(OLEDS), anode materials, blue fluorescence, emission area, graphene anode, graphene films, large area, light-emitting diode(LED)