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학술대회 Optimization of Downlink Power Control based on LTE
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박철, 최홍석
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2012, pp.536-539
12GI1100, 철도전용 무선통신체계 연구, 이숙진
This paper presents a downlink power optimization scheme to improve LTE system performance in accordance with UE speed. Especially in railway wireless communication system, the speed of UE is very important factor because trains move so fast over 300km/h that usually downlink performance should be degraded. So the additional requirements for the high-speed railway mobile communication system besides commercial LTE system are needed. At the LTE Femtocell test-bed including HeNB, UE, fading simulator and some test equipment, downlink performance is tested with the PA parameter of downlink power control for several cases of UE speed. By analysis of the test result the optimum PA parameter can be found regarding UE speed. An adaptive downlink power control scheme is introduced to improve downlink performance in high speed mobile condition. According to the simulation result for the proposed scheme downlink throughput is increased by 6.2% in mobile environment considering LTE railway communication service. © 2012 IEEE.
Downlink Power Control, Femto, LTE, Optimization, Performance, Railway
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Communication services, Downlink Throughput, LTE femtocell, LTE system, Optimization Scheme, Power control(PC), System performance, Test Equipment, Test-bed, Wireless communication system, downlink power control