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학술대회 Protection Switching in Packet Transport Networks
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류정동, 이광국, 정태식, 주범순
International Conference on Optical Internet (COIN) 2012, pp.54-56
12VI1400, 차세대 광전달망 구축을 위한 테라급 광-회선-패킷 통합 스위칭 시스템 기술개발, 이종현
In this paper, we discuss the issues of providing protection for point-to-multipoint connections in both Ethernet and MPLS-TP-based packet transport networks. We introduce two types of per-leaf protection?linear and ring. Neither of the two types requires that modifications to existing standards be made. Their performances can be improved by a collective signal fail mechanism proposed in this paper. In addition, two schemes?tree protection and hybrid protection?are newly proposed to reduce the service recovery time when a single failure leads to multiple signal fail events, which in turn places a significant amount of processing burden upon a root node. The behavior of the tree protection protocol is designed with minimal modifications to existing standards. The hybrid protection scheme is devised to maximize the benefits of per-leaf protection and tree protection. To observe how well each scheme achieves an efficient traffic recovery, we evaluate their performances using a test bed as well as computer simulation based on the formulae found in this paper.