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Conference Paper Real-Time Adaptive Streaming Mechanism with Device Capability for Resource Efficiency
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Yoo Yoon-Sik, Lee Il Woo, Chung Young Sik
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International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications (ICNC) 2012, pp.204-210
In this paper, we propose a device capability-based adaptive streaming mechanism for resource efficiency in wire-wireless service environment and analyze resource utilization efficiency. If the same multiple devices share streaming content, this technique is to allow a transformation thread to run as a minimum. Current structure of real-time streaming service for multiple devices is not designed to be suitable for the heterogeneous device based service. So, multiple devices cannot be provided with efficient media experience in wire-wireless service environment. By extending the concept from one device to multiple devices, we identify the possibility of device capability based real-time streaming service. In this paper, we seek to provide some insights on this viewpoint through empirical experiments driven by wireless streaming service. Our results suggest that real-time adaptive streaming for resource efficiency is an effective solution for delivering real-time streaming experience. © 2012 IEEE.
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Empirical experiments, Real-Time Streaming, Resource efficiency, Resource utilization efficiency, Service environment, Streaming service, Time adaptive, Wireless streaming, adaptive streaming, multiple devices