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학술지 An Efficient Transmission Scheme of MPEG2-TS over RTP for a Hybrid DMB System
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서형윤, 배병준, 김종덕
ETRI Journal, v.35 no.4, pp.655-665
한국전자통신연구원 (ETRI)
Hybrid digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) is a next-generation mobile TV system that combines broadcasting and wireless communication networks and can provide various high-quality multimedia services. However, if a system adheres to the current standard of transmitting the DMB content in the form of MPEG2-TS through wireless networks, it results in a burden on the network due to low transmission efficiency. The reasons for the low transmission efficiency are as follows. First, due to its constant bitrate characteristic, DMB MPEG2-TS includes a considerable amount of needless information, such as NULL packets and stuffing bytes. Second, due to the inflexibility of the Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) standard, one cannot fully utilize the maximum transmission unit of the network when converting MPEG2-TS to RTP stream for transmission. This paper proposes a new transmission scheme that resolves these problems. Experiment results show that the proposed scheme improves data bitrate transmission efficiency by 8% to 36%, compared to the standard scheme, in the streaming of various real-DMB contents. © 2013 ETRI.
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Current standard, Digital multimedia broadcasting, Experiment results, High-quality, Mobile TV, Multimedia Service, Next-generation, Real-Time Transport Protocol, Transmission scheme, Wireless communication Network, Wireless network