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Conference Paper The Impact of Cloud Base Station's Coordinated Multi-Point Schemes on Mobility Performance
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Soongi Park, Byung-Han Ryu, Park Nam Hoon, 김대영
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International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2012, pp.660-665
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12VI1100, Development of B4G Mobile Communication Technologies for Smart Mobile Services, Park Nam Hoon
The so-called cloud base station considered as a kind of distributed antenna system can faciliate the fast coordination among cells and also enlarge its scale by using many remote radio heads. Hence, these characteristics can widen the application region of the special coordinated multi-point scheme that fast coordination among cells should be imperative, which may be brings benefits to the overall system performance. The objective of this paper is to investigate the mobility performance according to the scale of cloud base station applying the coordinated multipoint joint processing scheme compared with the mobility performance of non-CoMP. To grasp the impacts on mobility performance, three mobility metrics (radio link failure, HO failure, ping-pong) are used and their results mean that the combination between cloud base station architecture and coordinated multi-point joint processing scheme may bring the rise of mobility performance. © 2012 IEEE.
KSP Keywords
Mobility metrics, Overall system performance, Ping-pong, Remote Radio Head(RRH), base station(BS), coordinated multi-point, distributed antenna systems(DAS), joint processing(JP), mobility performance, processing scheme, radio link failure(RLF)