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학술지 G-s0 Mode Converter with Lateral Gold Mirrors for Nano-Plasmonic Integrated Circuits
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이동헌, 손정한, 박해령, 김민수, 이명현
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, v.14 no.11, pp.8320-8324
American Scientific Publishers (ASP)
We propose a waveguide-typed plasmonic mode converter with lateral gold mirrors (LGMs) at a wavelength of 1.55 μm. The 17.5 μm-long gap-s0 mode converter (G-s0 MC) is composed of an input 4.5 μm-wide insulator-metal-insulator-metal-insulator waveguide (IMIMI-W) and an output 2.0 -m-wide m000000000000etal-insulator-metal waveguide (MIM-W) with LGMs connected by a laterally tapered (LT) IMIMI-W with LGMs. The strip thicknesses of the IMIMI-Ws and MIM-W are 20 nm and 50 nm, respectively. The 12.0 μm-long LGMs with 1.5 μm thickness are located beside the LT-IMIMI-W and MIM-W. All metals in the IMIMI-Ws, MIM-W, and LGMs are designed with gold. A low-loss polymer is used for the 30 μm-thick upper and lower cladding layers. The thickness of the central insulator0 in both the IMIMI-Ws and MIM-W was designed to be 500 nm. The input Ss0 mode with the size of5.9 μm × 4.8 μm is converted to the output G-s0 mode with the size of 1.1 μm × 0.5 μm. The total loss of the G-s0 MC, including conversion loss, is 6.96 dB in simulation. The proposed G-s0MC may be potentially useful for bridging micro- to nano-plasmonic integrated circuits.
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20 nm, Cladding layer, Conversion loss, Integrated circuit, Metal-insulator-metal, Micro-, Plasmonic mode, S0 mode, low loss, mode converter