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학술지 Validation of Geostationary Satellite Orbit Determination Using Single-Station Antenna Tracking Data
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황유라, 이병선, 김방엽, 김해연, 김해동
Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, v.50 no.6, pp.1248-1255
A method to precisely estimate the azimuth bias for the geostationary satellite is introduced and evaluated with orbit-determination results. The issue analyzed in this paper is the singularity associated with the simultaneous estimation of the satellite's position and azimuth bias using tracking data from a single ground station when it is located near the longitude of the ground control center. The present method of orbit estimation eliminates the azimuth bias of real tracking data using redundant ranging data from an external station and the predicted azimuth data. The accuracy of the orbit determination employing the corrected azimuth data is verified by comparing it to the ephemeris adjusted using ranging data from two ground stations. To confirm the accuracy, the longitude and latitude of the satellite ground track are compared with the optical telescope scanning results. The accuracy of the present orbit determination satisfies within 2.0 km root sum squares when compared with the ephemeris made by orbit determination using ranging data from two stations. Copyright © 2012 by Charlotte L체cking. Published by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc.
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Geostationary satellite, Ground Station, Ground control, Ground track, Orbit estimation, Satellite orbit determination, Simultaneous estimation, Tracking data, antenna tracking, control center