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학술대회 Advanced Cognitive Radio Test-Bed with Carrier Aggregation in TV White Space
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박진석, 엄중선, 정회윤, 김상원, 정병장
Workshop on Cognitive Radio Architectures for Broadband (CRAB) 2013, pp.33-39
13PR1200, 모바일 빅뱅시대의 스펙트럼 슈퍼하이웨이 기술개발, 최재익
Understanding the asymptotic network behavior has been one of the heavily investigated research problems that are instrumental to network design and planning. The majority of the past efforts has been focusing on a single technology network without dynamic channel states and access. In this talk, we will discuss the potential impact of two new technologies (i.e., cognitive radio and coexistence of cross-technology networks) on some fundamental network performance limits. Providing predictable performance and understanding the performance limit have been extremely challenging because of the uncontrollable and hard-to-predict external disturbances and opportunities. In the first part of the talk, we will summarize recent results on designing zero-regret online channel access schemes for multi-hop wireless networks based on recent development of multi-armed bandits problem. Recently several novel solutions were proposed for cross-technology coexistence without intervening legacy systems. In the second part of the talk, we will summarize recent efforts on designing co-prosperity wireless networks. We mainly focus on protecting the low-power Zigbee networks from the nearby WiFi networks. Then based on the new paradigms of cognitive radio networks and cross-technology coexistence, we give a first try to mathematically model the multihop cognitive radio networks with online spectrum access, and model the coexistability of two networks, hoping to lay a foundation for understanding the network behavior under these two new paradigms. This work is mainly done in collaboration with the following authors (in alphabetic order): Cheng Bo, Bowen Li, Yue Tao, Cheng Wang, Yubo Yan, Panlong Yang, Lizhou You, and Yaqing Zhou.
KSP 제안 키워드
Carrier aggregation, Channel Access(CA), Cross-Technology, Dynamic channel, Legacy Systems, Low-Power, Multi-armed bandits problem, Multi-hop wireless network, Network design and planning, Network performance, Performance limits