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학술대회 Approach to Adaptive Resource Management Based on System Environments for Multi-beam Satellite Networks
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박운희, 김희욱, 오대섭, 구본준
International Conference on Next Generation Mobile Apps, Services and Technologies (NGMAST) 2013, pp.165-169
13PR4700, 차세대 고효율 VSAT 시스템 및 위성 스펙트럼 이용 기술 개발, 오덕길
Multi-spot beam satellite network can achieve the power and bandwidth gain of parallel multi-beam with the appropriate resource management. The effective resource management is important not only to prevent the unnecessary resource waste but also to increase in the resource utilization efficiency in the satellite systems with limited resource environment. In this paper, we refer two resource management schemes adjusting power and bandwidth of parallel multi-beam, in order to achieve the substantial performance gain and reasonable proportional fairness. These schemes dealt with the tradeoff problem between different aims of system objectives. In this paper, we compare the performance of these schemes, and investigate the gaps of those that are shown according to amount of traffic overload and dominant resource. The performance is evaluated by taking into account the impact to the system environment, and we propose a possible approach to the adaptive resource management method in the multi-beam satellite networks. © 2013 IEEE.
Beam capacity, Multi-beam satellite, Optimal management, Proportional fairness, Satellite communication system
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Adaptive resource management, Optimal Management, Performance gain, Proportional Fairness, Resource utilization efficiency, Traffic overload, multi-beam satellite networks, resource waste, satellite communication system, satellite systems, spot beam