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학술대회 Architecture of Baseband Modem Board for IEEE802.11ad Technonogy
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최성우, 김일규, 안재민
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2013, pp.101-104
13PI2600, 사용자 중심 5G 이동형 개인셀 원천 기술 개발, 박애순
60-GHz band is a popular choice of industry for wireless personal area networks, which will enable data rates in the order of giga-bps. IEEE 802.11ad working group has specified the PHY and MAC technology over 60GHz. This paper suggests a system level architecture to make a hardware evaluation board for the IEEE 802.11ad PHY. We will introduce the physical specification of the IEEE 802.11ad briefly and find the system requirements for the FPGA board. Then, we show configuration of functional block of PHY modem and efficient block partitioning for 3 FPGAs. Furthermore, the practical baseband board architecture is shown and implementation result is summarized. The proposed baseband modem board supplies Control PHY and Single-carrier PHY of IEEE802.11ad. It supports the maximum data rate of 2.3Gbps and is adaptable to ASIC solution providing data rate of 4.6Gbps. This paper will be useful when designing the system transmitting data at the speed of multi-giga bps. © 2013 IEEE.
60G, IEEE802.11ad, Multi-Giga, WPAN
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60 GHz band, FPGA Board, IEEE 802.11ad, Level architecture, Maximum data rate, Single-carrier(SC), System Requirements, Wireless personal area network(WPAN), baseband modem, block partitioning, system level