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학술대회 Link adaption scheme for Multicast And Broadcast Service in IEEE 802.16 networks
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김한나, 김영일
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2013, pp.1116-1120
12PR2300, IMT-Advanced 모바일 IPTV 핵심기술 개발, 김영일
Multicast and Broadcast Service (MBS) is intended to efficiently use system resources by transmitting same data to multi users simultaneously. MBS is composed of either single BS or multiple BS. In single BS access, each BS transmits MBS data to user which belong to its own BS. In multiple BS access, BSs in the same geographical area composes the MBS zone to transmit the same data to multi users simultaneously. MBS users combine MBS signals which belong to same MBS zone. To enhance the spectral efficiency, link adaption has been employed in wireless communication networks. It is difficult to enable link adaption algorithm in MBS, because channel information reporting for multi users results in a large amount of uplink overhead. Therefore the conventional methods are developed in order to reduce this overhead. However the conventional methods consider single BS access. This paper presents a dynamic Modulation and Coding Scheme (MCS) for MBS zone with limited channel information. The performance of the proposed scheme is analysed in terms of throughput. The effectiveness of the proposed scheme is verified by computer simulation. © 2013 GIRI.
802.16m, Broadcast, Link adaption, MBS zone, Multicast
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Belong to, Computer simulation(MC and MD), Conventional methods, Dynamic modulation, IEEE 802.16, Limited channel, Link Adaption, Multicast broadcast service, Spectral efficiency(SE), Wireless communication Network, modulation and coding scheme