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학술대회 Overhead Analysis on Beacon Broadcasting for Self-Organizing MIMC Ad-hoc Networks
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김도윤, 최영준, 천경열, 김창주
International Conference on Ubiquitous and Future Networks (ICUFN) 2013, pp.724-728
In self-organizing mobile ad-hoc networks with multi-interface and multi-channel (MIMC), nodes need to rendezvous on a channel using any interface, when there is neither a dedicated channel nor a common control channel. To design such mission-critical combat networks that are alike cognitive radio networks, we modified the existing IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol by extending beacons, such that each interface randomly generates a beacon that includes its channel information. As multiple interfaces of many nodes generate beacons within a transmission range, there is a possibility of beacon collisions on the same channel at a certain node. Through the results based on our implementation with the OPNET simulator, we verify that the system works well while the probability of beacon collisions is very small. © 2013 IEEE.
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Common Control Channel, IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol, Mission-critical, Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks(MANET), Multi-Interface and Multi-Channel, Overhead analysis, Transmission Range, beacon broadcasting, cognitive radio(CR), cognitive radio network(CRN), multiple interfaces