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학술지 A Metadata Design for Augmented Broadcasting and Testbed System Implementation
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최범석, 김정학, 김순철, 정영호, 홍진우, Won Don Lee
ETRI Journal, v.35 no.2, pp.292-300
한국전자통신연구원 (ETRI)
Augmented reality (AR) is a popular service in mobile devices, and many AR applications can be downloaded from app stores. As TV broadcasting has continued to integrate with the Internet, it has become an area in which the AR concept is able to reside, although in a simple form, such as an advertisement placed in the static region of a scene. There are some restrictions against TV broadcasting realizing AR since TVs are fixed devices and typically do not have GPS, geomagnetic, or acceleration sensors, which are standard equipment in mobile devices. However, the desire to experience AR on a large TV screen has triggered research and development for an ideal AR business model and service type. This paper introduces several use cases for augmented broadcasting services and also presents an augmented broadcasting metadata scheme designed for a broadcasting environment. We also verify some of the use cases and an augmented broadcasting metadata scheme in an implemented augmented broadcasting system based on a hybrid TV platform. © 2013 ETRI.
KSP 제안 키워드
AR applications, Acceleration Sensor, App stores, Augmented reality(AR), Broadcasting system, Business Model, Mobile devices, Service Type, TV broadcasting, Use Cases, augmented broadcasting