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학술대회 Radio Propagation Characteristics in the Large City
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윤영근, 김종호, 정명원, 정영준
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2014, pp.558-562
13PR4500, 광대역 모바일 핫스팟용 추가 주파수 발굴을 위한 실측기반 무선채널 연구, 정영준
This paper describes various radio propagation characteristics in the large city such as Seoul in Republic of Korea and talks on the closed form of a received interfering signal intensity to a victim system for the coexistence with two different systems. Actually, it is difficult to how to choose the optimum radio propagation model for predicting on the interference impact because of various environment conditions or system limits, even if the theoretic radio propagation models are known for various services. Specially, it is not known for the available median path loss model in order to calculate the interfering signal intensity to a victim system between the fixed communication link and mobile communication system for none line of site environment. Therefore, we measured the radio propagation characteristics in the large city and discussed with the adequate median path loss and shadowing characteristics in this paper. © 2014 Global IT Research Institute (GIRI).
FM, measurement, path loss, propagation, radio
KSP 제안 키워드
Communication link, Environment condition, Propagation characteristics, Republic of Korea, Research institute, Signal intensity, closed-form, interference impact, mobile communication system, path loss model, radio propagation model