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학술대회 A 24-mW 60-GHz OOK RF Transceiver for 3-Gbps Data Communication
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이희동, 강태영, 은기찬, 이문식, 박봉혁
International SoC Design Conference (ISOCC) 2014, pp.204-205
14MI9100, (통합)초연결 스마트 모바일 서비스를 위한 5G 이동통신 핵심기술개발, 정현규
This paper presents the design and experimental results of a low-power 60-GHz OOK transceiver. For low-power operation, a simple OOK structure is utilized. A switching modulator in the transmitter consumes less power due to no power consumption at the low-state of data signal. In addition, an LO generater in the receiver is not required. The transceiver has been implemented in a 65-nm CMOS technology. The transmitter and the receiver consume 23.6-mW and 24-mW from a 1.0 V supply, respectively. The transmitter has an output power of -5 dBm, on/off isolation of 34.5 dB, and tuning range of 54 to 61.5 GHz. The receiver has a conversion gain of 22 dB and a bandwidth over 3 GHz.
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5 GHz, 60 GHz, CMOS Technology, Conversion gain, OOK transceiver, Off isolation, Output power, Power Consumption, RF transceiver, Tuning Range, data communication