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학술대회 Roly-poly: A Haptic Interface with a Self-Righting Feature
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김승찬, 한병길, 임수철, Andrea Bianchi, 경기욱, 권동수
International Conference on Haptics (EuroHaptics) 2010 (LNCS 6191), v.6191, pp.332-339
In this paper, a human-computer interface equipped with self-uprighting feature and haptic feedback functionality as a PC peripheral is proposed. Device motion triggered by a user is sensed through embedded inertial sensors. Taking advantage of a mechanical structure incorporating a weighted bottom and mass symmetry, the device uses restorative uprighting force to right itself, making erratic motion once tipped over. The acceleration values are counterbalanced once yaw motion is applied by a user. The haptic feedback in this system is intended for both the realization of subtle detent effects and surface transmitting vibrations. Providing impulse tactile feedback according to gestural input, the device can function as a rotatable knob which is mechanically ungrounded. Moreover, surface transmitting vibration generated by linear actuators provides notifications of events important to the user in the form of ambient haptic feedback. With the utilization of the proposed features, it is expected that both intuitive information input and practical use of haptics in a desktop environment can be achieved. © 2010 Springer-Verlag.
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Computer interface, Haptic Feedback, Inertial sensors, Practical use, Self-righting, Tactile Feedback, Yaw motion, gestural input, haptic interface, human computer interaction(HCI), linear actuator