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학술대회 Transmission Scheme over MAC for Energy Consumption Reduction in Wireless Sensor Networks based on IEEE 802.15.4
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임선화, 김영일, 이용태, 류원
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2014, pp.756-759
Recently, a lot of studies have been done in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) based on IEEE 802.15.4. While a sensor device transmits data to a PAN coordinator via a coordinator, the failure of radio communications may be occurred between a coordinator and a PAN coordinator. A coordinator may conclude that it has been orphaned and then perform the orphan scan procedure which is specified in IEEE 802.15.4. However, because a sensor device does not know the orphaned state of a coordinator, a sensor device transmits data to a coordinator continuously. In this case, the Tx energy of a sensor and Rx energy of a coordinator may be wasted unnecessarily. In this paper, we propose an efficient scheme by which a coordinator rapidly notifies a sensor device that a coordinator can't receive data from a sensor device any longer. Therefore, we can reduce energy consumption required for transmission of a sensor device and reception of a coordinator.
Coordinator, Data Transmission, Energy consumption reduction, IEEE 802.15.4, Orphan