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학술대회 Interference Mitigation among Neighbor APs Using 802.19.1 Coexistence Service: Information Service vs. Management Service
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강현덕, 고광진, 김이고르, 송명선, 최재익
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2014, pp.711-716
14MR2200, 전파간섭 극복 기반 근거리 무선전송(Post-Wifi) 핵심 기술개발, 최재익
IEEE 802.19.1 coexistence system provide two types of coexistence service: information service vs. management service. Information service provides radio environment information that enables 802.11af APs to facilitate channels with its neighbor APs. Each AP determines its operating parameters by itself to mitigate interference using the information. On the other hands, with management service, coexistence manager (CM) determines optimum operating parameters for each AP based on its coexistence decision making. We propose an operating channel selection mechanism for 802.19.1 management service and evaluate performance of interference mitigation among neighbor 802.11af Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) access points (APs). Using OPNET simulation we compare SNR, BER, and packet drop at 802.11af APs based on BSS coexistence scenario with two services. It is shown that performance of OBSS interference mitigation with management service is superior to that with information service.
802.19.1, coexistence service, interference mitigation, Neithbor APs, operating channel selection, WLAN
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Access point, Environment information, IEEE 802.1, Information services, Interference mitigation, Local Area Network(LAN), Neithbor APs, OPNet simulation, Radio environment, Selection mechanism, Wireless Local Area Networks(WLANs)