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학술대회 Partial Band Interference Alignment for Overlapped WLAN Channel Allocation
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오진형, 송명선, 최재익, 최형도, 김명진
International Conference on Ubiquitous and Future Networks (ICUFN) 2014, pp.555-559
14MR2200, 전파간섭 극복 기반 근거리 무선전송(Post-Wifi) 핵심 기술개발, 최재익
Nowadays, the request for wireless services is greatly exploded to receive a good services from internet. So, many APs for WLAN are thoughtlessly deployed in various places. At this environments, inter-basic service set (BSS) interference might be happened. If the APs locating in same overlapped region are operated in the same channel, the CSMA/CA is well worked, that is multiple APs are operated by dividing the transmission time. However, if the APs placing in same overlapped area is worked in the partially overlapped bandwidth, CSMA/CA protocol cannot be functioned due to different transmit channel. At this case, each WLAN nodes are suffered partial band interference each other. In this paper, we suggest a new-typed procedure of the neighbor interfering AP discovery for implementing the IA and a novel IA algorithm for mitigating the partially overlapped subcarrier interference. By applying this proposed approach into IEEE 802.11 WLAN system, we expect the robust transmission and spectrally efficient gain. And we will verify the performance of our approach by suggesting the simulation result. © 2014 IEEE.
Interference alignment, Partial band, WLAN
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Channel Allocation, IEEE 802.11 WLAN, Interference Alignment(IA), Overlapped Region, Robust transmission, Spectrally efficient, Transmission time, band interference