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학술대회 Performance Evaluation and Enhancement of Scheduled and Polled Block ACK Multicast Protocols
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김이고르, 고광진, 오진형, 강현덕, 송명선, 최재익
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2014, pp.416-421
14MR2200, 전파간섭 극복 기반 근거리 무선전송(Post-Wifi) 핵심 기술개발, 최재익
IEEE 802.11aa amendment introduces several protocols to increase the robustness of multimedia traffic delivery for multicast destinations. According to the recent investigations Block ACK protocol is the most efficient among them. However, it requires polling to each of the multicast group member which may cause significant overhead in the scenarios with large group size. Compared to the polling based Block ACK protocol the scheduled Block ACK protocol does not require individual polling to each group member. In this paper we compare two protocols in terms of scalability, achievable throughput, and delay in various scenarios. In addition, we introduce a frame error based RTS/CTS protection scheme which improves the performance of both schemes in hidden node scenarios. Performance evaluations show that the proposed protection scheme significantly alleviates the hidden node problem in scheduled Block ACK protocol.
Block ACK, DMS, GCR, IEEE 802.11aa, Multicast, QoS, Videostreaming
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Block ACK, Hidden node problem, IEEE 802.11aa, Multicast Protocol, Multicast group, Multimedia traffic, Performance evaluation, Protection Scheme, achievable throughput