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학술지 Multi-Level Supply Chain Network Design with Routing
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이정훈, 문일경, 박종흥
International Journal of Production Research, v.48 no.13, pp.3957-3976
Taylor & Francis
Recently, the multi-level and multi-facility industrial problem in supply chain management (SCM) has been widely investigated. One of the key issues, central to this problem in the current SCM research area is the interdependence among the location of facilities, the allocation of facilities, and the vehicle routing for the supply of raw materials and products. This paper studies the supply chain network design problem, which involves the location of facilities, allocation of facilities, and routing decisions. The proposed problem has some practical applications. For example, it is necessary for third party logistics (3PL) companies to manage the design of the network and to operate vehicle transportation. The purpose of this study is to determine the optimal location, allocation, and routing with minimum cost to the supply chain network. The study proposes two mixed integer programming models, one without routing and one with routing, and a heuristic algorithm based on LP-relaxation in order to solve the model with routing. The results show that a developed heuristic algorithm is able to find a good solution in a reasonable time. © 2010 Taylor & Francis.
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Heuristic algorithm, Industrial problem, Integer Programming, Key Issues, LP relaxation, Minimum cost, Mobile IP(MIP), Multi-level supply chain, Network Design Problem, Optimal location, Programming models