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학술대회 Uplink Design of Millimeter-Wave Mobile Communication Systems for High-Speed Trains
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최승남, 유덕현, 김일규, 김대진
Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) 2014 (Spring), pp.1-5
13MI1300, 밀리미터파 5G 이동통신 시스템 개발, 안치득
Passengers in a high-speed train (350 km/h) experience very poor multimedia services and discontinuous connections due to the much more and simultaneous handovers in the cellular networks. To handle these problems, a millimeter-wave mobile communication system for high-speed trains was introduced and its downlink structure was presented. This paper proposes the uplink structure appropriate to the millimeter-wave mobile communication system. It also describes the frame structure, the multiple access method, and the pilot deployment of the uplink channel. Especially, the uplink pilot was designed to solve the Doppler problem in order to achieve a higher spectrum efficiency. The simulation results of the uplink channel show the spectral efficiency of 4.18 bps/Hz even in 400 km/h under the Rician fading channel conditions.
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Access method, Cellular networks, Frame structure, High Speed Train, Multimedia Service, Rician Fading channel, Spectral efficiency(SE), Spectrum efficiency, channel condition, millimeter wave(mmWave), mobile communication system