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학술대회 Gateway System of VTS System
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전해숙, 이병길
International Congress on Image and Signal Processing, BioMedical Engineering and Informatics (CISP-BMEI) 2016, pp.109-113
15GS1100, 해양 안전 실현을 위한 차세대 VTS(u-VTS)기술 개발, 이병길
In order to provide for the safe and expeditious passage of maritime traffic in congested waters, every country establishes, operates, and maintains Vessel Traffic Services where needed. In larger areas, a VTS will generally require a communication system to enable the vessel traffic center and the participating vessels to exchange information. There are some kinds of commercial VTS. Generally, these consists of several systems which have its own role such as operating system, video extracting and tracking system, warning and integration system, VTS logging and replaying system and so on. These are connected each other directly. In this paper, we introduce the centralized VTS which is separated by VTS Gateway System between VTS Operating System and the other subsystems. In case of VGWS, three kinds of messages are considered in the message arrival process. First is check in/check out messages which are basic as gateway. Second is VTS operating system supporting message which is always applied to all VTS operating system including VTOS user login, VTOS user environment configuration info setting and common info for VTS system and so on. Last is compulsory message transmission for VTOS logging and playback. The centralized VTS running tests show that the message processing delay of VGWS is acceptable compared to the predefined delay metric for VGWS performance.
cebtralized, gateway system, VTS
KSP 제안 키워드
Communication system, Exchange information, Integration system, Maritime Traffic, Processing Delay, Tracking System, User Environment, delay metric, gateway system, message transmission, operating system