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학술지 Optimum Condition of Anisotropic Plasma Etching for Improving Bending Properties of Ionic Polymer-Metal Composites
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최낙진, 이형근, 정선경, 박강호
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, v.10 no.5, pp.3299-3303
American Scientific Publishers (ASP)
We presented an anisotropic plasma etching technique by reactive ion etcher (RIE) as a new pretreatment method of fabrication of ionic polymer-metal composite (IPMC). We already found that the new technique provided large displacement to the fabricated IPMC in the presence of low applied voltage. However, we did not examine the optimum condition for the anisotropic plasma etching. In this research, we tried to figure out optimum treatment condition of film in etcher. Nation?꽓 (by DuPont) films were etched using various etching time and shadow masks with various slit and space sizes. The etched samples were plated with Pt at top and bottom side by Oguro's reduction method. The surface morphology of fabricated IPMCs was characterized by SEM. And, we've measured surface resistance, bending displacement, and driving force in order to check the IPMC properties out. Here, we found that optimum condition for pre-treatment of Nation was 1 min for etching time under shadow mask with 200 μm slit and 100 μm space. Copyright © 2010 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved.
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Anisotropic plasma etching, Bending displacement, Bending properties, Driving forces, Etching technique, Ionic polymer-metal composites, Large Displacement, Optimum condition, Pretreatment method, Reactive ion etcher, Reduction method