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학술지 Wireless Power Transfer With Automatic Feedback Control of Load Resistance Transformation
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안덕주, 김성민, 문정익, 조인귀
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, v.31 no.11, pp.7876-7886
15ZR1100, 무선 E-zone 및 다차원 에너지 집적기술 개발, 조인귀
This paper proposes a wireless power transfer with automatic feedback control of load resistance transformation to maintain high efficiency over wide variations of coupling current and load current. The receiver (Rx) first determines the desired current level of transmitter (Tx) coil such that the receiver-side converter can transform the load resistance into optimum effective resistance, based on load current and Tx-to-Rx distance information. The determined Tx coil current data are sent to the transmitter, which then adjusts the Tx coil current accordingly. In this way, the effective resistance transformed by the receiver-side converter remains optimum under the variations of distance and load current. One of the advantages of the proposed automatic feedback control is faster response and simple hardware because it does not use operating point sweep and observation. The receiver-side switching converter also incorporates the ability to send data from receiver to transmitter by modulating the duty cycle of converter at data frequency, eliminating the need for separate RF communication hardware. This proposed communication does not require shunt current dissipation from dc output to ground, resulting in low loss. Experimental result demonstrates that the system maintains high efficiency under wide variations of coupling and load current.
KSP 제안 키워드
Coil current, DC output, Duty cycle(DC), Effective Resistance, Experimental Result, Load current, Operating point, RF Communication, Shunt current, automatic feedback control, distance information