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학술대회 Driving Characteristics Analysis of Young and Middle-aged Drivers
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김현숙, 윤대섭, 신현순, 박정희
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2016, pp.864-867
16HH3300, 심리인지 기반 안전한 병영 생활관리 시스템 기술 개발, 신현순
From the statistics about rental car accidents, traffic accident death by drunken driving, speeding, and centerline invasion occurs frequently to the twenties drivers compared with the other age groups. Specially, speeding is a dangerous driving behavior. In this paper, we analyzed driving characteristics of young and middle-Aged drivers using FOT (Field of Test) data which was collected on the real urban, local road and highway. We performed independent samples t-Test to know the difference of driving time, average speed and maximum speed dependent on ages and gender. We found that young male drivers drove more fast than middle-Aged drivers on the local roads and highways. Also, we performed ANOVA analysis to know the speeding characteristics of drivers. The speeding time of young driver is longer than that of middle-Aged driver on the local road and highway. The results of this study can be utilized in the device to limit the speed through monitoring the running speed of the driver. It can be derived indirectly safe driving services to reflect the speed factor of driver in the driving insurance fee calculation method.
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ANOVA analysis, Average speed, Characteristics analysis, Dangerous driving, Driving Characteristics, Driving Time, Middle-Aged Driver, Roads and highways, Running speed, Safe driving, Traffic accident