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학술지 Performance Evaluation of Service-Aware Optical Transport System
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윤지욱, 유제훈, 유태환
ETRI Journal, v.32 no.2, pp.241-247
한국전자통신연구원 (ETRI)
We propose and experimentally demonstrate a service-aware optical transport system. The proposed service-aware optical transport system makes a flow based on service type and priority of traffic. The generated flow is mapped to a corresponding sub-{\\lambda} for transport over an optical network. Using sub-{\\lambda} provided by the centralized control plane, we could effectively provide quality-of service guaranteed Ethernet service and best-effort service simultaneously in a single link. The committed information rate (CIR) traffic and best-effort traffic are assigned to different sub-{\\lambda}s. The bandwidth of the CIR traffic is guaranteed without being affected by violation traffic because the bandwidth is managed per each sub-{\\lambda}. The failure detection time and restoration time from a link failure is measured to be about 60 μs and 22 ms, respectively, in the ring network. The measured restoration time is much smaller than the 50 ms industry requirement for real-time services. The fast restoration time allows the proposed service-aware optical transport system to offer high availability and reliability which is a requirement for transport networks. Copyright © 2010 ETRI.
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Best Effort(BE), Failure detection, Fast restoration, High availability, Link failure, Optical network, Optical transport, Performance evaluation, Restoration time, Ring network, Service Type