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학술대회 MAMODE: A Routing Scheme Using Mixed Address Mode for Wireless Sensor Networks
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International Conference on Security-Enriched Urban Computing and Smart Grid (SUComS) 2010 (CCIS 78), v.78, pp.367-375
As deployment of sensor networks are recently spread, a variety of services based on sensor network have been introduced. Nevertheless, prolonging of battery life becomes primary challenges to overcome for deploying sensor networks in various fields. Problems such as network bandwidth reduction, collision occurrence and performance deterioration due to broadcasting of message in large scale networks have become primary challenges. In this paper, we presented a new routing algorithm based on data-centric routing and address-based routing schemes, which is that query messages are delivered to specific area by using address-based routing scheme in unicast scheme, and then, broadcast scheme is used in specific area by inserting additional information of neighbor nodes to broadcast into the message payload. This method prevents severe broadcast storm caused by broadcast message, and also provides data reliability at reasonable level by utilizing address information in message. By computer simulation, our proposed scheme significantly reduces energy consumption caused by broadcasting of messages as well as it improves appropriate data reliability in wireless sensor networks. © 2010 Springer-Verlag.
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Bandwidth reduction, Broadcast scheme, Broadcast storm, Computer simulation(MC and MD), Data reliability, Data-centric routing, Deployment of sensor, Large-scale network, Network bandwidth, Routing algorithm, Routing and