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학술지 SOA-Integrated Dual-Mode Laser and PIN-Photodiode for Compact CW Terahertz System
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이의수, 김남제, 한상필, 이동훈, 이원희, 문기원, 이일민, 신준환, 박경현
ETRI Journal, v.38 no.4, pp.665-674
한국전자통신연구원 (ETRI)
15PE1100, 테라헤르츠 영상?분광 복합 포터블 스캐너 기술 개발 , 박경현
We designed and fabricated a semiconductor optical amplifier-integrated dual-mode laser (SOA-DML) as a compact and widely tunable continuous-wave terahertz (CW THz) beat source, and a pin-photodiode (pin-PD) integrated with a log-periodic planar antenna as a CW THz emitter. The SOA-DML chip consists of two distributed feedback lasers, a phase section for a tunable beat source, an amplifier, and a tapered spot-size converter for high output power and fiber-coupling efficiency. The SOA-DML module exhibits an output power of more than 15 dBm and clear four-wave mixing throughout the entire tuning range. Using integrated micro-heaters, we were able to tune the optical beat frequency from 380 GHz to 1,120 GHz. In addition, the effect of benzocyclobutene polymer in the antenna design of a pin-PD was considered. Furthermore, a dual active photodiode (PD) for high output power was designed, resulting in a 1.7-fold increase in efficiency compared with a single active PD at 220 GHz. Finally, herein we successfully show the feasibility of the CW THz system by demonstrating THz frequency-domain spectroscopy of an a-lactose pellet using the modularized SOA-DML and a PD emitter.
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120 GHz, 220 GHz, Antenna design, Beat frequency, Continuous-wave terahertz, Distributed feedback lasers(DFBs), Dual-mode laser, Fiber-coupling efficiency, Four-Wave Mixing(Fwm), High output power, Micro-heater