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학술대회 Adaptive Bilateral Filter for Infrared Small Target Enhancement
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배태욱, 김휘강
International Conference on Electrical Systems, Technology and Information (ICESTI) 2015 (LNEE 365), v.365, pp.289-297
15ZC3100, 지역기반 의료기기.의료로봇 기술개발 및 의료IT 융합 중소기업 활성화 사업, 최은창
When applying a basic bilateral filter for an infrared small-target detection, it's traditional structure and implementation should be changed in order to recover the background that is covered by small target. This paper presents an adaptive bilateral filter incorporating a surrounding block-variance analysis and an adaptive standard deviation based on this variance, which is able to obtains and analyzes more information from the vicinity of both the target and the background. This concept enables a bilateral filter to predict a background image excluding a small target because the surrounding block variance is adaptively mapped to the standard deviations of bilateral filter according to the target and background. Finally, a small target can be detected by subtracting the predicted background from the original image. In order to compare existing target detection methods against the proposed adaptive bilateral filter, the signal-to-clutter ratio gain and background suppression factor are employed. Experimental results show that the proposed adaptive bilateral filter method has a superior target enhancement performance compared to existing methods.
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Adaptive Bilateral Filter, Background image, Background suppression, Block variance, Detection Method, Infrared small target, Standard deviation(STD), Target and background, Target enhancement, Variance analysis, filter method