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학술지 High Refractive Index of Transparent Acrylate Polymers Functionalized with Alkyl Sulfur Groups
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Muchchintala Maheswara, 오상현, 주정진, 박승구, 박선택, 도정윤
Polymer Journal, v.42 no.3, pp.249-255
Society of Polymer Science
09MB1700, 휴대 단말기용 나노 플렉시블 광전배선 모듈, 주정진
Several sulfur-containing acrylate polymers were developed for a high refractive index with high transparency and good processing performance for thin films. A series of poly(methacrylate)s were synthesized by radical polymerization, in which thin films are coated on a quartz substrate for optical characterization. One, two and three sulfur atoms were bound into acrylate monomers and thermally copolymerized with methyl methacrylate. An alicyclic structure was used to achieve a dense molecular volume of the sulfur-containing monomer. Refractive index was measured under visible light. The index linearly increased with the sulfur-containing monomer content of the copolymer. Each homopolymer was predicted by an extrapolation method, resulting in a high refractive index of 1.624-1.725 at 589 nm. An Abbe's number of 30 was recorded for most sulfur polymers, indicating low wavelength dispersion of the index. A polymer with dipolar functionality displayed an Abbe's number of 40.9. High optical transparency of films was observed at the wavelengths of the index measurement. All polymers were thermally stable up to 250 °C and exhibited glass transition around 100 °C. © The Society of Polymer Science, Japan (SPSJ) All rights reserved.
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Acrylate monomer, Extrapolation method, Glass transition, High optical transparency, High transparency, Index measurement, Molecular volume, Polymer science, Quartz substrate, Radical polymerization, Sulfur Groups