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학술지 Clausius Normalized Field-Based Stereo Matching for Uncalibrated Image Sequences
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고은진, Jaeyeon Lee, 박준석
ETRI Journal, v.32 no.5, pp.750-760
한국전자통신연구원 (ETRI)
We propose a homology between thermodynamic systems and images for the treatment of time-varying imagery. A physical system colder than its surroundings absorbs heat from the surroundings. Furthermore, the absorbed heat increases the entropy of the system, which is closely related to its disorder as given by the definition of Clausius and Boltzmann. Because pixels of an image are viewed as a state of lattice-like molecules in a thermodynamic system, the task of reckoning the entropy variations of pixels is similar to estimating their degrees of disorder. We apply this homology to the uncalibrated stereo matching problem. The absence of calibrations alleviates user efforts to install stereo cameras and enables users to freely modify the composition of the cameras. The proposed method is also robust to differences in brightness, white balancing, and even focusing between stereo image pairs. These peculiarities enable users to estimate the depths of interesting objects in practical applications without much effort in order to set and maintain a stereo vision setup. Users can consequently utilize two webcams as a stereo camera. © 2010 ETRI.
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Image Pairs, Image sequence, Matching Problem, Normalized field, Thermodynamic system, White balancing, physical systems, practical application, stereo camera, stereo images, stereo matching