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학술대회 Performance Evaluation of DVB-S2X Satellite Transmission According to Sharp Roll Off Factors
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이종근, 장대익
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2017, pp.362-365
16ZR1400, 재난현장 대응력 강화를 위한 위성재난통신 기술 개발 , 오덕길
Frequency usage is steadily increased according to growth in communication services. Researchers develop communication technologies to get an additive spectrum efficiency on this account. ETSI also upgrades existing DVB-S2 standard to meet increased frequency usage. The new standard, DVB-S2X, offers sharp roll off factor values to gain spectrum efficiency in satellite communication systems. In this paper, we experiment IF loopback and satellite tests to check validity of DVB-S2X roll off factors. Those tests used by the geostationary Cheonrian satellite. The test results show that 5% roll off factor offers about 14% spectrum efficiency gain, though threshold Es/No has loss of values about 0.3dB than 20% roll off factor value. We conclude that low roll off factor values in the DVB-S2X is effective in the real satellite communication environment.
Broadcasting, DVB-S2X, MODCOD, Roll off factor, Satellite communication
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Communication Environment, Communication services, DVB-S2X, Efficiency gain, Gain spectrum, Performance evaluation, Spectrum efficiency, communication technologies, roll-off factor, satellite communication system, sharp roll off