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학술대회 Plug and Play SensorApp Service Scenario
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이계선, 홍상기, 김내수
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2015, pp.539-542
Smart devices including smartphones are spreading rapidly. Smart people having smart devices want to use smartly. In order to do this, they try to experience after searching and downloading, installing a variety of APPs. These efforts are unnecessary and a waste of time and results in making them unwisely. Now you do not have to search the required APP. Our scenario tells you the useful APP. For example, let's assume a case where you purchased a smart appliance. You will receive the app for advertising and introducing smart appliances into the store. If you download and install it, you can understand about the product you're using this app. After buying a smart appliance, you will install and receive exclusive apps for smart appliance control works. This is just a Plug and Play SensorApp Service.
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Appliance control, Plug and play, Smart devices, smart appliances