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학술지 Low-Power-Consumption Metal Oxide NO2 Gas Sensor based on Micro-Heater and Screen Printing Technology
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문승언, 이형근, 최낙진, 이종희, 양우석, 김준수, 정종진, 유도준
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, v.12 no.7, pp.5543-5546
American Scientific Publishers (ASP),
12MB2400, 스마트&그린 빌딩용 자가충전 지능형 센서노드 플랫폼 핵심기술 개발, 김종대
An NO 2 micro gas sensor was fabricated based on a micro-heater using tin oxide nano-powders for effective gas detection and monitoring system with low power consumption and high sensitivity. The processes of the fabrication were acceptable to the conventional CMOS processes for massproduction. Semiconducting SnO 2 nano-powders were synthesized via the co-precipitation method; and to increase the sensitivity of the NO 2 gas rare metal dopants were added. In the structure of the micro-heater, the resistances of two semi-circular Pt heaters were connected to the spreader for thermal uniformity. The resistance of each heater becomes an electrically equal Wheatstonebridge, which was divided in half by the heat spreading structure. Based on the aforementioned design, a low-power-consumption micro-heater was fabricated using the CMOS-compatible MEMS processes. A bridge-type micro-heater based on the Si substrate was fabricated via surface micromachining. The NO 2 sensing properties of a screen-printed tin oxide thick ?lm device were measured The micro gas sensors showed substantial sensitivity down to 0.5 ppm NO 2 at a low power consumption (34.2 mW). © 2012 American Scientific Publishers.
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Bridge type, CMOS Process, CMOS-compatible, Gas detection, Heat spreading, High Sensitivity, Metal dopants, Metal-oxide(MOX), Micro gas sensor, Micro-heater, Monitoring system