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학술지 Fast Diffusion Supercapacitors Via an Ultra-High Pore Volume of Crumpled 3D Structure Reduced Graphene Oxide Activation
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이근식, 김도영, 윤여흥, 양정희, 윤호경, 유인규, 이효영
RSC Advances, v.5 no.75, pp.60914-60919
Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
In order to obtain a high performance supercapacitor, there are several factors that must be achieved including a high specific surface area (SSA), high electrical conductivity, and a high diffusion rate of the electrolyte due to an appropriate pore volume. Herein, we report a high performance supercapacitor using activated non-stacked reduced graphene oxide (a-NSrGO) that has a high SSA (up to 999.75 m2 g-1) with intrinsic high graphene conductivity (1202 S m-1) and fast diffusion of the electrolyte. Due to a high total pore volume (5.03 cm3 g-1) and a wide pore size distribution from macro- to micropores (main pore width: 0.61 - 0.71 nm) in the a-NSrGO sheets, the as-prepared a-NSrGO electrode shows high specific capacitance (105.26 F g-1) and a short relaxation time (??0 = 1.5 s) in a propylene carbonate (PC)-based organic electrolyte. A maximum energy density of 91.13 W h kg-1 and a power density of 66 684.73 W kg-1 were estimated in a fully packaged coin cell. The high performance of the a-NSrGO supercapacitors is attributed to their specific appearance and enlarged pore distribution with high SSA.
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3D structure, Diffusion rate, Electrical conductivity(EC), Fast diffusion, Graphene oxide(GOS), High Specific Capacitance, High electrical conductivity, High specific surface area, High-performance supercapacitors, Pore Size Distribution, Pore distribution