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학술지 A Conceptual Device-Rank Based Resource Sharing and Collaboration of Smart Things
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강현중, 김말희, 배명남, 방효찬, 여현
Multimedia Tools and Applications, v.75 no.22, pp.14569-14581
Lately, inspired by Internet of Things (IoT), the era of connected everything is coming. But still, things hardly show the manner to share resources on it and self-configuration method to compose collaboration of smart things. Moreover, it is not easy to harmonize things of related action with added or removed devices to aid process being conducted by human or services of applications. In this paper, we propose a concept for supporting a collaboration augmentation of devices used in the IoT. The Device-Rank for the augmenting collaboration of things proposed in this paper is a technology used to rate IoT things based on diverse elements such as the frequency with which users use individual things, the distances to users or service objects, the network QoS, the performance of the things, and their operation histories, such that the resultant information can be used by a cloud-based platform or device itself to calculate the Device-Rank information. This Device-Rank is expected to be accumulated and updated by things or a platform, and exchanged between things such that things can more actively collaborate with other things or services and augment the Device-Rank with the passing of time.
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Cloud-based, Internet of thing(IoT), Network Qos, Self-configuration, resource sharing, smart things