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학술대회 ARM-based Thin Virtual Desktop Client Integrating Electrical Power Control with Monitor
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오수철, 김성운
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2015, pp.749-752
This paper proposes an ARM-based thin virtual desktop client integrating electrical power control with monitor. User can turn on/off both of client and monitor using one monitor power button. This client consists of client power controller and ARM-based virtual desktop client. The client power controller performs integrated power control. The controller detects power-on and power-off events of the monitor and controls power of the client. For power-on event, the client power controller turns on directly the power line of the client. For power-off event, the controller controls both of the power line and power management SW module of the client. The size of the client is compact and mountable to backside of the monitor with VESA mount.
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Electrical power, Power Line, Power control(PC), Power-on, Virtual Desktop, power controller, power management