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학술지 Estimating Willingness to Switch to MVNO for Activation of Mobile Data Services
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이상우, 고창열
인터넷정보학회논문지, v.16 no.4, pp.1-11
This study uses the contingent valuation method to estimate the switching cost for adopting the MVNO service. The findings are as follows.: First, Willingness To Switch(WTS) increases as users' using pattern and perceived degree of MVNO service, but satisfaction with current service provider does not play a significant role in predicting Switching Cost. This means that as amount of money users can save exceeds a certain level, users decide to willingly change their service provider to MVNO regardless of their level of satisfaction with current service provider. Second, there are differences in WTS among service subscribers in SKT, KT and LGU+. It means that there will be a difference in the tendency to switch to MVNO among subscribers of service providers. This study suggest the following mangerial perspective to effectively promote the MVNO and boost the MVNO market for activation of mobile data services.: First, MVNOs are better off applying differentiated pricing scheme at attractive rates than using a differentiation of service product and quality. Second, regulators should consider how to implement an MVNO regulatory policy when there is an asymmetric customer loyalty among MNOs. This research will be used to set the MVNO's pricing strategy and to build up a successful regulatory policies.
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Build up, Contingent Valuation Method(CVM), Customer loyalty, Differentiated pricing, Mobile data services, Pricing strategy, Regulatory policy, Service Provider, Switching cost, data services(DSs), pricing scheme