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학술대회 Effect of Information Content in Sensory Feedback on Typing Performance using a Flat Keyboard
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김진용, Hong Z. Tan
World Haptics Conference (WHC) 2015, pp.228-234
14MS7300, 기가급 대용량 양방향 실감 콘텐츠 기술 개발, 정일권
We investigate the effect of information content in sensory feedback on typing performance using a flat keyboard. We build a flat keyboard apparatus with haptic and auditory keyclick feedback. We evaluate and compare typing performance with key-press confirmation and key-correctness information through sensory feedback. Twelve participants are asked to touch-type a number of randomly selected phrases under various combinations of visual, auditory and haptic sensory feedback conditions. The results show that typing speed is not significantly affected by the information content in sensory feedback, but the uncorrected error rate is significantly lower when key-correctness information is available. The results also show that key-correctness information leads to more corrected errors and lowers typing efficiency. Our findings are useful for developing flat keyboards with assistive information through sensory feedback. Our study is the first step towards improving typing performance on flat keyboards by delivering more advanced and comprehensive assistive information beyond the visual channel.
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Information content, Sensory Feedback, Typing performance, error rate