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학술지 Single Package Directly Modulated Laser Bidirectional Optical Subassembly Using a Modified Mini-dual-in-line Package for 10 Gbps Passive Optical Networks
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이종진, 김종덕, 이세형
Optical Engineering, v.51 no.12, pp.1-3
12ZH1100, 산업계 기술지원사업, 김영선
A bidirectional optical subassembly comprised of a 2.5 Gbps distributed feedback (DFB) laser diode (LD) directly modulated laser transmitter and a 10 Gbps positive intrinsic negative photodiode receiver was developed for an optical network unit of a 10 Gbps passive optical network. Here, a low-cost mini-dual-in-line package was modified to contain whole components of a transmitter and receiver in a single space while satisfying the requirements of 10 Gbps microdevice package standards. The transmitter was fabricated to achieve high optical output power by placing a micro aspheric lens very close to the DFB LD and reducing the thermal resistance between an LD chip and heat sink to bring down the DFB LD chip temperature. As a result, the transmitter output power was 3.5 dB higher than a conventional transistor outline can BOSA due to a high optical coupling efficiency of more than 70% and a low thermal resistance for heat dissipation. The receiver sensitivity was -21 dBm at a bit error rate of 10-3 and the sensitivity penalty of the receiver due to signal crosstalk was less than 0.3 dB. © 2012 Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE).
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Aspheric lens, Bidirectional optical subassembly(BOSA), Bit Error Rate(And BER), Chip temperature, Directly modulated laser(DML), Distributed feedback (DFB) laser, Heat Dissipation, Heat sink, In-line, Laser diode(LD), Laser transmitter